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Monday, August 31, 2015

#JournalChat Live September OPEN HOUSE!!

Hello to my #Journaling and #JournalChat Live Friends:
I have GOOD NEWS to share with YOU!

We are having an OPEN HOUSE in September...and YOU are invited to not only attend but to contribute! Yes, YOU!

I have in mind LIFE LESSONS as our topic in conjunction with Going Back To School...so what can you contribute?

As a direct result of your journal keeping practice, I'm sure you have learned some Life Lessons along the way...you know, those A-Ha moments that come as you write and you think, oh wow, where did that come from? What have you learned about yourself, your relationships, your work, your identity, your connection with Spirit, or ANY LIFE DIMENSION where you have learned something that has changed you and your perspective for the better?

I'd love to know! Journal Keeping is such a powerful, life enhancing tool, that it's worth sharing about, right?

So, you're welcome to contribute  to our LIFE LESSONS conversation for our September OPEN HOUSE on Social Media.

Here are the Refreshing Guidelines so you know how you can make the most of sharing your LIFE LESSON STORY:

1. You can write a blog post featuring a LIFE LESSON you learned as a direct result of your journal keeping practice.

2. You can include a NOTE that you are writing your Life Lesson post as a contribution of being a part of our #JournalChat Live OPEN HOUSE. If you include a LINK to www.dawnherring.net , which is my website, I will share a link to your Life Lesson Post on my website on my #JournalChat Live Favorites Page. 

3. Once your post is published on your blog, you are welcome to send me a link to your post direct to me by email at refreshwithdawnherring@gmail.com; if you send me a link, I will share it personally on social media as a part of our SEPTEMBER OPEN HOUSE EVENT.

4. You are welcome to share your post on Twitter; if you use the hashtag #JournalChat and #OPENHOUSE, I will RT it!

I am sooooo looking forward to reading your LIFE LESSON that you have learned as a direct result of your journal keeping practice. Journaling is an empowering tool...I love to show how empowering it is!

And of course, #JournalChat Live Events are all about giving Journal Keepers a Journaling VOICE so they can share how journal keeping has made a difference in their lives.

Do join us and we welcome your contributions to our September OPEN HOUSE!!

If you aren't already a member of our #JournalChat Live Facebook Group, now is the perfect time to join, so you can be a part of this OPEN HOUSE and even share your Life Lesson Story!!

Thank you all so much for being a part; #JournalChat Live just wouldn't be the same without YOUR JOURNALING VOICE! See you there!

(And don't forget to refresh yourself!)

Monday, July 6, 2015

Refresh Journal is Retiring!

Hello to Subscribers and Readers of Refresh Journal:

I wanted to let you know, after 4 years of Creative and Refreshing content for your inbox, I have decided that it's time to Retire Refresh Journal.

Many hours of energy, creativity, thought and implementation have gone in to Refresh Journal with the goal of giving you a fresh perspective in all of life's dimensions.

I wanted to thank all of those who have personally signed up to receive Refresh Journal in your inbox. I appreciate the interest you have shown in keeping up with #JournalChat Events, getting inspiration and encouragement for your journal keeping practice as well as refreshing activities that lift your spirit.

I also wanted to thank those who have read and left comments about how much you have enjoyed the content.

I decided to Retire Refresh Journal for several reasons one of which is to make more time and have more energy for my artistic pursuits, as many of you know of my intuitive watercolor painting and art journaling practices, which I greatly enjoy and I hold very close to my HEART.

In order to Honor changes and shifts taking place in my artistic and family lives, I will focus on the areas of my work that continue to refresh and uplift me as I share with you my creative perspective.

Here are ways you can stay connected with Refresh with Dawn Herring:

First, you can subscribe to Refresh Daily, my newly artistically-focused blog, where I share my artistic point of view in all of life's dimensions, including my art journal process, art journal and journal prompts, my juxtaposition wardrobe designs, my life insights, and my artistic path in general.

Second, you can join our #JournalChat Live Facebook Group where we post journaling prompts, blog posts and articles to help you with your journaling practice and give you inspiration for your next journal entry!

Third, you can connect with me on social media through Your Refreshment Connection! on my website.

And if you're looking to work with me privately to find creative strategies to activate your creative center, you're welcome to check out Your Life Refreshed! or contact me direct at refreshwithdawnherring@gmail.com to get more information.

I'm so excited with the artistic and authentic path I am creating for myself and I'd love to have you come along with me (If you aren't already!).

Thanks for showing interest in the work that I do; I so appreciate your kind and generous feedback!

Have a fabulous day and don't forget to refresh yourself!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

#JournalChat Live OPEN HOUSE 5 Year Anniversary Commemorative Post

Welcome to our Commemorative Post featuring our very first OPEN HOUSE where YOUR JOURNALING VOICE TAKES CENTER STAGE, with a focus on our 5 Year Anniversary of #JournalChat Live!!

Below you will find the content shared by our Facebook Group Members, #JournalChat Live Previous Special Guests and #JournalChat Live Contributors all sharing THE GREATEST BENEFIT of their Journal Writing Practice.

I want to say THANK YOU for those who contributed such valuable content, showcasing the best of what you experience keeping a journal. So without further ado....

Here are the posts that were shared by our #JournalChat Live Community:

Poetic Prize by Sarah Herring, Princess Poetry, #JournalChat Live Contributor and FB Member

Happy Fifth Anniversary, #JournalChat Live! by Madeline Sharples, Choices, Previous Special Guest and #JournalChat Live Contributor and FB member

My Journaling: The Greatest Benefit by Rochelle Campbell, The Notebook Blogairy, #JournalChat Live FB Member

Reclaiming Peace, Reclaiming Me by Marianne Ingheim Rossi, Journaling for Your Life, Previous Special Guest and #JournalChat Live Contributor and FB member

Hearing My Voice in a Noisy World by Jill Winski, The Artist's Nest, Repeated Previous Special Guest and #JournalChat Live contributor and FB member

Affirming What I Am: My Greatest Benefit from Journal Writing by Debra DiPietro, Warm Milk Journal, Repeated Previous Special Guest and #JournalChat Live contributor and FB member

Journaling: The Greatest Benefit by Carrie Aulenbacher, #JournalChat Live Contributor and FB Member

Journaling for Self Improvement by Susan Ekins, Women Making Strides, Previous Special Guest, #JournalChat Live Contributor and FB Member

The Greatest Benefit of Journaling by Hannah Joy, The Stressed Out College Student's Destination, #JournalChat Live Contributor and FB Member

My Greatest Benefits of Journal Writing: A Short List by Mari McCarthy, Mari's Journal Writing Power Blog, CreateWriteNow, Previous Special Guest, #JournalChat Live Contributor and FB Member

Journaling Evolves as I Evolve by Kelly Epperson, Previous Special Guest, #JournalChat Live Contributor and FB Member

It was Such a Delight to have so many of you share your journaling benefits, your journaling path, and your journaling and life insight with us! Thanks for making this Very First OPEN HOUSE a success!

If you would like to be a contributor to our next #JournalChat Live OPEN HOUSE, Stay Tuned! You're welcome to sign up for my monthly Refresh Journal where I will share info about our next event as well as other great content to keep you refreshed and empowered!

And if you keep a journal or want to, come and join us on our #JournalChat Live Facebook Group where we share blog posts, articles and journaling prompts for your next journal entry!

Have a fab day and don't forget to refresh yourself! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015



Yes, it has been five years that I've hosted #JournalChat Live on Twitter and Facebook. (I did do a stint of it for about 6 months prior to that June but took a school year off before I started in up again as #JournalChat Live. So I'm counting from that re-start, just for your FYI.)


So guess what? I'm holding our first OPEN HOUSE to all journal keepers on both Twitter and Facebook! What does OPEN HOUSE mean exactly?

Well, YOU are invited to CONTRIBUTE a blog post on YOUR BLOG to help us CELEBRATE! YES! I'm so excited about this...

Here's what we're going to do:
Our topic for this very special time of  CELEBRATING 5 YEARS is Your Journaling: The Greatest Benefit. Yes.

I talk a LOT about the Benefits of journal keeping, don't I? I emphasize what a powerful tool it is!

This is Your Opportunity to share what a powerful tool it is for YOU! 

All you need to do is write a blog post detailing the Greatest Benefit you have received from keeping a journal. You can also include your favorite journaling technique to show HOW you use your journal.

Once your #JournalChat 5 Year Celebration blog post is able to be shared, you can tweet the link, post a status box on our #JournalChat Live Facebook Group, or you can email me direct at refreshwithdawnherring@gmail.com to send me a link. I will share links I receive directly by email in a special #JOURNALCHAT 5 YEAR CELEBRATION COMMEMORATIVE BLOG POST that I will share on social media, on my website and in Refresh Journal. 

When you post your #JournalChat Live celebratory link on Twitter, please use the #JournalChat hashtag and a #5years hashtag in your tweet and I will Retweet it.

My goal with this #JournalChat Live Open House is to celebrate the benefits of journaling as well as the delightful and insightful content that enhances our thriving journaling and #JournalChat communities.

I want this time to be readily open to all journaling voices so we can all learn from each other as we share our journaling benefits that show was a powerful and life changing tool journal keeping really is.

**I will share some links and RTs on Twitter and Facebook beginning May 18th. So have your blog post ready to share. We will be celebrating throughout the month of June!** 

I so appreciate all the fabulous content and the many SPECIAL GUESTS that have joined us Live on Twitter and Facebook who have added their insightful wisdom with journaling and have given us an inside view of their practice so we can learn from them.

I also appreciate others who have shared and contributed their journaling voices. Each journaling voice is highly valued. 

Note: If you haven't already joined our #JournalChat Live Facebook Group, NOW is the TIME so you can join in on the celebration!


Enjoy journaling your greatest benefit and don't forget to refresh yourself! 

#JournalChat Live Facebook Discussion with Special Guests, Madeline Sharples, Debra DiPietro and Kelly Epperson Your Journaling: Mind Magic Day III Part II