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Monday, January 16, 2012

#JournalChat Links Edition (1/16/12)

JournalChat5:23pm via HootSuite
ow.ly/8vEKI Changing Journals by Quinn McDonald #Journaling #JournalChat
JournalChat5:16pm via HootSuite
ow.ly/8vEpk The Great Journal Experience by Ruth Folit (class) #Journaling #JournalChat
WarmMilkJournal3:28pm via Tweet Button
Write For The Health Of It: Five reasons why writing is good for us bit.ly/pbRbsg #JournalChat
WarmMilkJournal2:54pm via Tweet Button
My dream home and other dreams…a journal writing and visualization exercise bit.ly/zNVkWf#JournalChat
JournalChat2:46pm via HootSuite
@starshyne My pleasure, Jamie. I enjoyed it. :) Wanted to share it. :) #JournalChat

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