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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

#JournalChat Links Edition (2/21/12)

DawnHerringFeb 21, 6:28pm via Facebook
#JournalChat Pick of the Day on 2/21/12 for all things journaling on Twitter: Do You Have a Pattern You'd Like to... fb.me/1gWJ6xEom
JournalChatFeb 21, 6:26pm via HootSuite
ow.ly/9d04t #JournalChat Pick of the Day(2/21)Do You Have a Pattern You'd Like to Break?by Maddisen Krown @officialnoho#Journaling
DawnHerringFeb 21, 6:25pm via HootSuite
ow.ly/9cZZZ #JournalChat Pick of the Day(2/21)Do You Have a Pattern You'd Like to Break?by Maddisen Krown @officialnoho#Journaling
JournalChatFeb 21, 6:07pm via HootSuite
ow.ly/9cZj4 #School Spotlight: Learning through Phenology at the laundromat #Journaling#JournalChat
JournalChatFeb 21, 6:06pm via HootSuite
ow.ly/9cZhk Sharon Van Etten's Tramp: New release has raised her profile #Journaling#JournalChat #music #news
JournalChatFeb 21, 6:05pm via HootSuite
ow.ly/9cZdA Osher Lifelong Learning Institute presents "#Journaling #Workshop" MAR. 14#JournalChat
JournalChatFeb 21, 5:24pm via HootSuite
ow.ly/9cXoh Sign up for your Personal Copy of Refresh Journal; for #journaling links and#refreshing tips! #JournalChat
WarmMilkJournalFeb 21, 4:52pm via Tweet Button
What I love and what I appreciate about the things I love. Tonight’s journal writing session. bit.ly/zgCink @JournalChat #JournalChat
treiCdesignsFeb 21, 10:20am via HootSuite
RT @DawnHerringow.ly/9bsfM #JournalChatPick of the Day (2/20) Doodles Unleashed by Traci Bautista w/ Mindy Lacefield @treiCdesigns#Journaling

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